Library Policies

Library Circulation

Children Policy

17 & Under

A parent or guardian is ultimately responsible for the behavior and conduct of any individual under the age of 18. This also applies to any fines, fees, lost items, damage to library property, and computer access.

12 & Under

Any child under the age of 13 must be supervised by a parent or guardian for the length of their stay at the library. 

The presence of a parent or guardian in the library does not qualify as supervision. Individuals must accompany their child around the various areas of the library to ensure they abide by the rules of the library. Parents or guardians who do not follow this rule will be reminded of the policy and then asked to leave the premises if the negligence continues.

Behavior Policy

Assumption Parish Library patrons are required to respect not only the staff, but other patrons using the library.

Phone Usage

Phones may be used within the library, but patrons are asked to use ear buds/ headphones and take calls in the lobby or outside of the library.

Noise Level

Patrons are asked to please be courteous to those around you. Keep talking to low indoor voices and consult a staff member if there is an issue.

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink are forbidden inside of the library. On special events where the library provides snacks or refreshments, they must be kept in the meeting room.

Activity Level

While the library does host activities and games for all ages, parents must keep their activity levels appropriate for indoors. No running, jumping, throwing objects, or other behavior more suitable for outdoors is permitted.

Computer Policy

The information obtained from the internet can be of an adult nature. The patron, not the Assumption Parish Library staff, is responsible for the materials and subject matter accessed. Any attempt to willfully and knowingly access these types of materials will result in the patron losing computer privileges in all branches of the library.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed computer access without adult supervision with the exception of computers specifically meant for juvenile patrons.

Furthermore, any attempt to alter or circumvent restrictions and settings placed on the computers, damage to computer equipment, or failing to respect the privacy of other computer users will result in the patron losing their computer privileges. 

Solicitation Policy


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